Our deepest thanks to…
Amanda Bailey, Christina Walter, and Karen Lewis, for supporting 
undergraduate communities like ours,
Theresa Coletti, for not only supplying our beautiful introduction, 
but for teaching and supporting us long before this journal was ever published,
Elise Auvil, for knowing what to do when we didn’t,
John Prince and co., for once again bringing this journal to print,
The Center for Literary and Comparative Studies and the Student Government Association,
for providing our funding, without which this project would not be possible,
Our editorial board, for spending precious hours reading, editing and putting up with us,
Lauren Baker, for her unwavering leadership and enthusiasm,
Heather Seyler, for stepping up when we needed her,
Sohayl Vafai, for founding this wonderful journal some years ago,
Emily Tuttle, for entrusting us with the responsibilities she worked so hard to fulfill,
Our contributors, without whom this journal would not exist,
And lastly, our readers, who make this journal worth printing in the first place.
Jonathan Offenberg and Hannah Meshulam
Editors-in-Chief, 2016-17