English Department Internships

On Campus Internships
Digital HumanitiesTeaching and Writing
388D: Dickinson Digital Humanities Internship292/388C: Writing For Change Internship
388R: Romantic Circles Internship388V: Undergraduate Teaching Assistants Internship
388T: MITH Internship388W: Writing Center Internship
Off Campus Internships
381/388M: MD General Assembly Internship388P: Pre-Professional Writing Skills Internship


On Campus Internships in the Digital Humanities


Professor: Martha Nell Smith

Join a research team of senior scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates working across the university and with institutions of higher learning across country, as well as with the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts. In collaboration with the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, the Dickinson Electronic Archives (DEA) project is offering internships for up to 3 credit hours in humanities computing theory and practice. Interns will work in areas of new media and can specify on which of the many DEA’s publishing initiatives they would like to spend at least 8 hours per week. Projects currently available are publications of Dickinson family papers that have not been available for the past century, and research exploring the significance of erotic expressions that is part of NORA, a data mining and visualization project in collaboration with HCIL, and the Universities of Alberta, Illinois, Nebraska, and Virginia. Interns will be asked to write a short progress report or research paper at mid-term and another at the end of the semester. Besides working on cutting-edge humanities projects, interns will acquire skills increasingly necessary for graduate study and advancement in today’s work force and will be trained in high quality text encoding and scanning techniques. NO ADVANCED TRAINING IS REQUIRED, just a willingness to learn and become part of a research team.

To apply, please consult your advisor and/or contact Professor Martha Nell Smith, mnsmith@umd.edu.

388R: Romantic Circles Internship 

Professor: Neil Fraistat

This course is not being offered by the English department during the 2017-2018 academic year. Students are encouraged to apply to a similar internship, MITH 388, for the Fall 2017 semester. More info can be found on the MITH website

Learn while working on a range of digital projects for the award winning, peer-reviewed, scholarly website, Romantic Circles. Internships are available for up to 3 credit hours. Exciting opportunities include programming in the MOO (a multi-user virtual reality environment), creating animations and media files, helping to develop an online image and art gallery, doing advanced text encoding (XML and HTML), and assisting with electronic publishing projects involving webpage layout and graphic design. Interns will have the chance to learn professional new-media tools such as Flash, Quicktime, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. Interns will be expected to spend at least eight hours per week on project-related work and to write two short (4-6pp.) progress reports at mid-term and at the end of the semester.

388T: Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) Internships

Professors: Neil Fraistat & Matthew Kirschenbaum

The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) is a leading digital humanities center that engages in collaborative, interdisciplinary work at the intersection of technology and humanistic inquiry. Current projects open to interns include the Shelley-Goodwin Archive and the Deena Larsen and Bill Bly Electronic Literature Collections.

Through a digital humanities internship at MITH (ENGL388T), students join a research team of senior scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates from across the university. Besides working on cutting-edge humanities projects, interns will acquire skills increasingly necessary for graduate study and advancement in today's work force and may be trained in high quality text encoding and scanning techniques.

To apply, please contact Professor Neil Fraistat, fraistat@umd.edu, the Director of MITH for the Shelley-Godwin Archive or Professor Matthew Kirschenbaum, mgk@umd.edu, Associate Director of MITH, for Electronic Literature.

Include a statement about why you want to pursue a MITH internship with that particular project and a list of any relevant technical, design, or project-oriented skills that you possess.

Both Professor Fraistat and Professor Kirschenbaum are happy to speak in person with any student who is considering an internship with MITH. Please check their office hours or email the professors for their availability.


On Campus Internships in Teaching and Writing

292/388C: Writing For Change Internship

Can good writing make the world a better place? We think so! ENGL292/ENGL388C, “Writing for Change,” takes writing into the world outside the university to give a voice to local high school freshmen. The 9th graders will create written projects to advocate for positive change in their school or community. Your role will be to mentor these students as they explore ways that writing can really make a difference. Twice a week you will meet on campus in a writing and pedagogy seminar. One afternoon a week you will travel with the class to Northwestern High School for a collaborative work session. At the end of the semester, your students will offer presentations that advocate for social change.

 As an English major, you can take ENGL292 for 300-level credit by signing up for 388C (Writing Internship: Writing for Change) through the English Undergraduate Studies Office. You can count ENGL388C credits as part of your electives within the major. The readings are the same as those for 292 and address topics such as multicultural literacy, educational equity, writing as performance, and genre as social action. The writing assignments range widely and include reflections, interviews, multi-genre projects, and literacy narratives. For the full course description, go here

If you register for the 300 level credit, there will be a requirement for 15 additional hours on site, alternative as assigned by instructor. 

We invite you to consider this opportunity to use writing as a tool for social change!  Click here to read an April 2014 article about the class written by the Capital News Service.

Please email Justin Lohr at jlohr@umd.edu if you have questions or would like to enroll.

388V: Undergraduate Teaching Assistants Internship

The Undergradaute Teaching Assitants (UTA) Internship is a program allowing students to TA udnergradaute writing courses in Academic Writing or Professional Writing. For information about this course please see their website.

388W: Writing Center Internship

Professor: Tom Earles

Peer tutoring in the Writing Center (offered for 3 credits under ENGL388W).  Earn three hours of upper-level elective credit toward graduation or your English major by participating in an internship where you will:  enhance your own writing, grammar, and interpersonal communication skills through training and experience; read, discuss, and write about the writing process and tutoring; explore tutoring techniques through a variety of activities; and tutor students in the Writing Center to help them improve their writing.

This internship offers you: an opportunity to increase your knowledge about writing and become a better writer, as well as the satisfaction of helping others to improve their writing.  Students in ALL majors are invited to apply.  To qualify, you should:  enjoy working with and helping other people; possess good written and oral communication skills, and have good academic standing.  Interns attend a weekly class and tutor several hours each week in the Writing Center.

Applications are available in the Writing Center, 1205 Tawes Hall, or you can apply by submitting the internship application and required materials.  If you have questions or wish more information, please call (301) 405-3785 or email us at: writadmin@umd.edu.


Off Campus Internships

381/388M: Maryland General Assembly Internship

Professor: Tom Lowderbaugh

The Maryland General Assembly Program, is an internship opportunity that places up to 15 students with Maryland Senators and Delegates during the spring legislative session in early January. To prepare for this internship students are required to take a writing seminar in the Fall, either ENGL381 or HONR368A. For the application and further information about this internships please visit the MGA website.

388P Pre-Professional Writing Skills Internship

Professor: Karen Lewis

Our most flexible internship, this program provides students with academic credit in a placement of their choice as long as at least fifty percent of their work is in writing-related activities. Students find their internship placements and then apply for academic credit through this internship course. For further infomration about this internship and the application, please visit the 388P page.