Schedules and Deadlines

Application Deadline

Interested students should apply in the Fall of their Junior Year. For the 2019-2020 academic year the deadline is November 15, 2019. Students who wish to complete a creative thesis should apply by October 15, 2019. For more application info click here

Schedule and Deadlines for the General English Honors Program

Spring of Junior Year: Honors students begin the program by enrolling in English 370, the Junior Honors Conference. In this workshop, students collaborate with their advisors, their peers, and the Honors Director to develop a topic that interests them and is suitable for a sustained research project. By the end of the semester, students will have a two-page proposal and a working bibliography to guide them during the summer and into the fall.    

Fall of Senior Year: In the fall, students enroll in Engilsh 373, the Senior Honors Conference. During this workshop, Honors students will work with their advisor, their peers, and the Honors Director to produce two drafts of their project. At the end of 373, you and your director will make a decision about whether or not you will finish the thesis. If you will not be continuing, then you should not sign up for the final honors thesis credits; you will get a grade for 373 and can continue to take English Seminars, but you will not be considered for English Honors when you graduate. If you enroll for the final semester and do not finish the thesis, you may receive a failing grade for a 3-credit course in your senior year.

Spring of Senior Year: Everyone completing the thesis will take English 495, a 3-credit independent study with the director of your project. You will turn in a second full draft in early February. Readers will return the thesis with suggestions for final revisions, and you will then submit the final version around mid-March. The thesis colloquium will take place in April. Readers might provide questions several days in advance and will provide written comments at the end of the examination. The grade for 495 is given by your faculty director, and represents the grade on your final product.

Graduating with Honors: Students wishing to graduate with English Honors must produce a thesis that is recommended for Honors by its readers, which is determined at the end of the colloquium. The final determination of honors is made by the Honors Committee, which takes into account both the thesis and the student's overall record in English classes. At the end of the year, the winner of the Sandy Mack Award for the best overall work in honors will also be chosen, and will be presented with the award and a check for $100 at the graduation ceremony.