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Campus Programs:

  • Submit to Paper Shell Review
  • INST408C/ENGL488L Book Lab: The History of the Book & the Future of Reading
    • What is a book? Metaphors abound: A book is magic, a lighthouse, a narcotic, a garden, a compass, a mirror, a confection. A book is a “frigate . . . to take us lands away” (Emily Dickenson) and “a dream that you hold in your hands” (Neil Gaiman). Books are also physical artifacts, bearing the imprint of time and use: the crisp white pages of a novel become yellow and brittle with age and the backlit glow of a Kindle eventually dims and dies.
    • This course surveys the history of the book and asks you, the student, to speculate about and design its future. We’ll consider antecedents of the book ranging from the clay tablets of the ancient Near East to the papyrus scrolls of antiquity to the manuscript and printed codices of the middle ages and early modern era.  We’ll look at developments in areas such as wireless reading devices and mobile e-readers, augmented reality, and pop-up books that combine paper, electronics, and smart materials.  Over the course of the semester, we'll encounter extreme examples of reading and writing technologies, from a self-destructing poem to a text encoded in DNA to secret messages revealed by the application of water, heat, or light. 
    • The class will also have a strong hands-on component: we’ll read books, hack them, and even eat them (edible books have a venerable history). We’ll write on clay, chemically alter texts, mock-up some designs on the future of the book, and embed electronic components in print books. We’ll also experiment with plenty of unusual materials, including self-healing polymers, thermochromic inks, and hydrochromic paint.
  • Want to study abroad while you’re at Maryland?
  • ENGL 409M/THET 328O-Literature, Art, and Architecture in London– Summer mini-term with Professor Michael Olmert, Deadline: 3/1
    • This is an intensive examination of British culture meant to enhance and challenge what you have learned from books and movies.  You will study the history, literature, drama, architecture, art, and archeology of Britain by visiting London, Norwich, Oxford, and Canterbury.
  • Call for Submissions, Collision Literary Magazine (3/9)
  • Pinch Literary Awards, The Pinch (3/15)
  • Joseph W. Houppert Memorial Shakespeare Essay Competition (3/30)
  • 381/388M Maryland General Assembly Internship (4/6)
  • Maryland Student Researchers

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External Programs: