Routes to Certification

Routes to Teaching Certification without a Double Major in English and Education.

The College of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI) offers several programs for students interested in English teaching certification. The certification is valid in Maryland public schools and most other states. For more information about these programs, schedule an appointment with an EDCI advisor by calling 301-405-3120.

  1. Five Year Combined Bachelor/Master's in Secondary Education
    • This program requires that students major in their selected content area (i.e. English) as an undergraduate; we encourage our English majors to follow the English courses required of English/Education double majors to ensure that they have a competitive transcript for admittance to this program. Prior to finishing the undergraduate degree, students complete 12 graduate-level credits related to teacher certification requirements. Following graduation from the bachelor's program, students spend a fifth year completing a year-long internship as well as additional graduate-level credits to earn the Master's of Education and achieve eligibility for certification. Contact the College of Education for more information. 
  2. Maryland Master's Certification Program (MCERT)
    • This program provides a Master's of Education in either elementary or secondary education. Students who already hold a bachelor's degree take 12 graduate-level credits in an intensive summer program before completing a year-long internship. While completing the internship, students take additional graduate credits during the fall (6-9 credits) and spring (6-9 credits). The program is completed with 3 credits fulfilled in the final summer session.
  3. Post Baccalaureate Certification (PBC)
    • Students interested in obtaining certification (without obtaining a master's degree) may complete this 30-34-credit program in the course of one year. This option is only offered for candidates seeking secondary certification, not elementary or TESOL. Contact the College of Education for more information. 
  4. Creative Initiatives in Teacher Education (CITE)
    • This program provides a master's degree in elementary education and preparation for certification. Students work in collaboration with Montgomery County Public Schools and University of Maryland over the course of two academic years and one summer.
  5. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    • This program includes several means of achieving a master's degree and/or teaching certification, providing training in adapting methods, materials, and curricula to a variety of culturally and linguistically diverse settings in the US and abroad.