Applying to Graduate

Upcoming Stage 1

When do I apply for graduation?

 You must apply for graduation by the end of the schedule adjustment (drop/add) period for the semester in which you wish to graduate. You may apply for graduation through Testudo or in person at the Mitchell Building.


What happens if I missed the deadline to apply for graduation?

You will need to meet with an English Advisor and then an ARHU Clearance Advisor to complete a Late Graduation Application form.


Can I still participate in graduation if my requirements aren’t completed?

If you will not have all degree requirements (ARHU, CORE/Gen Ed, major, and university requirements) completed at the end of your graduating semester, you may not participate in the main University Commencement Ceremony.

It is at the discretion of the English Undergraduate Studies Office to determine your eligibility to participate in the departmental commencement ceremony.  To request permission, you will need to complete and submit a Request to Participate in English Commencement form.  You may request to participate in the December commencement if you have one course remaining to graduate and will be taking it in the January term.  You may request to participate in the May commencement if you have no more than two courses remaining to graduate and will be taking them over the summer.

You will not officially graduate (i.e. be awarded your diploma) until all of your requirements are completed and all outstanding obligations to the university have been met. Please note that while degrees are issued in May, August, and December, commencement ceremonies are only held in May and December. Students earning their degrees in August are automatically eligible to walk in the December ceremony. Students completing requirements during a winter term will earn their degrees the following May.