Purpose and Scope

Restoration publishes scholarly and critical essays on any subject in the field. We are open to all critical, scholarly, and theoretical approach that lead to new insights into English literature and culture, 1660-1700. We understand the Restoration period and its writing as wide (cosmopolitan connections; colonial projects; imperial ambitions), long (the continuing influence of Restoration drama into the eighteenth century, for example), and deep (aesthetics, politics, and cultural formations crucial to the period that continue to shape our world).

From the start, the journal has appeared semi-annually and offered scholarly articles, book reviews, and an annotated bibliography of new studies. Going forward, some issues will now feature a "Forum" section with brief reflections on important questions.

The Editorial Board, consisting of prominent Restoration scholars, serves not only as a policy group but also as the board of readers. Each submission is evaluated by at least one member of the Board. An advanced graduate student assists the editor with the management of the journal.