Graduate Funding and Fellowships

Financial assistance from the Department and the University is available for full-time PhD students in three main forms: fellowships, teaching assistantships, and graduate assistantships. The central criterion in all departmental financial aid decisions is academic merit. All admitted PhD students are offered five years of support. In each case, annual renewal of financial support is based on satisfactory performance and progress in the program. Stipends are currently in the range of $18,000-22,000 and include tuition remission. Health benefits are available as part of the funding packages. We encourage all students to seek in-state student status within two years of entering the program. All applicants intending to pursue full-time study in the PhD program are automatically considered for financial aid.

MA applicants will be considered for funding through TAships, which provide a stipend and partial tuition remission. Those who do not obtain such funding are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships on campus, which carry tuition remission and stipends.