AWP and PWP Blended and Online Learning Courses


The schedules for Blended Learning sections of AWP and PWP combine one (and in some cases two) in-class days per week with online components. Depending on the Instructor, these online components will be completed synchronously, asynchronously, or a combination of both. An online day is assigned for Blended Learning courses, during which you are unable to double-book other courses.

For fully online courses, there is no designated class meeting time or classroom.

When searching for Blended and Online Learning sections of courses in Testudo, generally you will find them at the bottom of the page, regardless of time. 

Current AWP and PWP courses offered in Blended and Online Learning format include:

AWP Blended Learning Course Offerings

  • ENGL101: Introduction to Academic Writing

PWP Blended and Online Learning Course Offerings

  • ENGL390: Science Writing
  • ENGL391: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL393: Technical Writing
  • ENGL394: Business Writing

During the summer sessions, fully online versions of all of these courses are often offered as well, in addition to traditional classroom versions.