Graduate Funding and Fellowships

Admission to the Comparative Literature PhD Program includes a 5 year funding package, which is structured through a combination of teaching and fellowships. As part of the funding package, you are eligible for the University’s health care program, the cost of which can be automatically deducted from your stipend. Your funding is contingent upon maintaining a 3.5 GPA and making satisfactory progress to degree. Fellowship competitions exist to fund summer research and additional dissertation writing time. Please pay attention to the website and the mailing list for the deadlines for these competitions each academic year.

All graduate students must register for courses and pay associated tuition and fees each semester, not including summer and winter sessions, until the degree is awarded. We encourage all students to seek in-state student status within two years of entering the program. Students are permitted to take leaves of absence in extenuating circumstances. However, students are also advised to consult with all sources of their funding to determine whether a leave might involve a long-term financial loss. Because Comparative Literature financial aid packages are constructed and sequenced over a period of years, taking a leave of absence may result in a loss of future funding. Whenever a leave of absence is being considered, a student should meet with his or her advisor to develop a plan for resumption of study. International students are advised to consult with the staff of the Office of International Educational Services for additional considerations before deciding to take a leave of absence. For more information, please visit the Graduate School’s website.