Graduate Admissions

The Comparative Literature program at the University of Maryland is a five-year doctoral program characterized by scholarly engagement across various fields. The program has a wide reach within the English Department, not only through CMLT and ENGL graduate courses, but also lectures, colloquia, and academic events that speak to the interdisciplinary focus of its students and professors.

The Comparative Literature program enjoys the benefits of being part of a large and active English Department, while providing its students with the personal attention and first-rate academic and professional mentorship characteristic of a small, highly selective program. The Center for Literary and Comparative Studies represents the great synergy possible in the co-operation of an English Department and a program in Comparative Literature. It gives graduate students the opportunity to encounter the work of scholars from across campus and other universities through lectures, symposia, readings, and other events as well as opportunities to present their own work.

Professionalization is one of the primary concerns of the Program in Comparative Literature, and students find support in this area through mentorship from professors, workshops and round tables organized by the Graduate English Organization and the Center for Teaching Excellence, and teaching at various levels of undergraduate study.

Applicants should make sure that they are applying to the Comparative Literature PhD Program, and not English.  Please also note that we only admit students for the start of each fall semester, and not for the start of any spring semester. The deadline for application is December 16th, 2020 and we usually seek to admit 2 students to the program each year.