Genealogies & Futures of Black Aesthetics

April 25, 2019
April 26, 2019
9:00 - 6:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall



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Schedule subject to change. Free & open to the public! Link to registration

Thursday, April 25, 2019

10am to 12pm. Nikhil Pal Singh’s Petrou Seminar w/ UMD graduate students (2115 Tawes) Register for the workshop

2-3pm. Opening Remarks & Roundtable  (2115 Tawes)

Moderator: Robert Levine

3-3:15pm. Coffee Service. (Second Floor Atrium, Tawes Hall)

3:15-4:45pm. Session 1: Gender & Radical Politics (2115 Tawes Hall)

  • Soyica Colbert (African American Studies and Theatre and Performance, Georgetown University)
  • Erik McDuffie (African American Studies/History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

5-6:30pm. Petrou Critic-In-Residence Keynote: "The Subject of Black Radicalism" (Ulrich)

  • Nikhil Pal Singh (Social & Cultural Analysis and History, NYU)

6:30-8pm. Petrou Reception & After-hours Viewing of Posing Beauty in African American Culture (David C. Driskell Center)

Friday, April 26, 2019

8:30-9am. Coffee Service and Registration (Second Floor Atrium, Tawes Hall)

9-9:30am. Welcome & Introductory Remarks (2115 Tawes Hall)

  • Amanda Bailey (English, UMD)
  • Cheryl Wall (English, Rutgers)

9:30-11am. Session 2: Visual Culture & Radical Aesthetics (2115 Tawes)

  • Simone Browne (African American and African Diaspora, UT Austin)
  • Leigh Raiford (African American and African Diaspora, UC Berkeley)

11-11:15am: Coffee Service (Second Floor Atrium, Tawes Hall)

11:15am-12:45pm. Session 3: Poetics & Performance (2115 Tawes)

  • Brent Edwards (English & Comparative Literature, Columbia)
  • Stephanie Batiste (English, UC Santa Barbara)

1-2pm. Lunch (Second Floor Atrium, Tawes Hall)

2:15-3:45pm. Session 4: Diasporas & Radical Politics (2115 Tawes)

  • Malik Gaines (Tisch School of the Arts, NYU)
  • Margo Crawford (English, UPenn)

3:45-4pm: Coffee Service (Second Floor Atrium, Tawes Hall)

4-5:15pm. Session 5: Archives & Institutions (2115 Tawes)

  • Saidiya Hartman (English & Comparative Literature, Columbia)
  • Robert Reid-Pharr (Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Harvard)

5:15-6pm. Refreshments and Edibles (Second Floor Atrium, Tawes Hall)

6-7:30pm. Closing Plenary Performance: "Put a Little Honey in my Sweet Tea" (Ulrich)

  • E. Patrick Johnson (African American Studies & founder and director of the Black Arts Initiative, Northwestern)

2019.04.25-26: Poster for Genealogies + Futures of Black Aesthetics


Sponsors: Division of Research; College of Art & Humanities; Center for Synergy; Center for Literary & Comparative Studies; Departments of American Studies, Art History and Archaeology, English, History, Women's Studies; School of Music; School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies; Office of Diversity & Inclusion; Office of Undergraduate Studies; David C. Driskell Center; African American History, Culture, and Digital Humanites (AADHUM); Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)

Organizers & Planning Commitee: Mary Helen Washington, Edlie Wong, Karen Nelson, Amanda Bailey, Julius Fleming, Zita Nunes, Sangeeta Ray, Christina Walter


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